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Habib Rice Products Ltd and its subsidiary companies produce and market a wide range of rice based starch sugars, protein concentrates, and derivatives. Popular starch sugars include Clarified Rice Syrups, Brown Rice Syrups, High Fructose Syrup, Rice Syrup Solids, Maltitol Syrup, Sorbitol Syrup, and Maltodextrins – all essential ingredients for the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries.

As pioneers in producing starch sugars from rice, the company has consistently diversified its product range. Determined efforts and significant investments in R&D Since 1982 has made HRPL the most diversified producer of rice products in the world. Apart from the widest product range, HRPL is also the only 100% vertically integrated producer – sourcing raw rice paddy directly from the farmers, processing it into various products and converting some of these into confectionery items to be sold in retail markets to household consumers. This vertical integration ensures the farmer receives the best possible values for his crop while the final consumer is able to buy the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Rice Syrup

26 DE to 69 DE Brown/White

Rice Syrup Solids

20 to 35 DE spray dried Brown/ White

Rice Protein Concentrate

40%, 50%, 65%, 75%, 80% protein contents


12 to 19 DE spray dried. brown/white

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